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Everything you will find at Jonas is a faithful representation of how passionate we are about fusion gastronomy. We have developed an experience based on the extensive knowledge of the founders, bringing delicious dishes with a service according to quality standards.

Our spaces are designed to share with the people you love the most, whether it is a family dinner or a birthday celebration.

You can now discover our restaurant in Cusco and let yourself be surprised by our fusion proposal.

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In Jonas we are characterized by applying slow cooking and developing a new contemporary fusion proposal respecting our Peruvian products and thus developing unique flavors.


In Peru, a country so mega diverse in the cultural field for its craftsmanship, flavors and products influenced a living gastronomy that was evolving and nourished by each migration and that is how techniques, products and species are integrated to give rise to contemporary Peruvian food where there are parts of the 5 continents, the stews came from the old continent, the sautéed from Asia and the sweets from Africa.


We have brought all these influences to the navel of the world and these are in our restaurant in Cusco.

Miguel Severo is currently CHEF and founding partner of the restaurant Jonas Cocina Fusión together with Jhonatán and JoseLuis in the city of Cusco.

Severo demonstrated his aptitude for gastronomy in his native Ancash from a very young age, developing a wide knowledge of the products of our Peru. At the age of 16 he migrated to the city of Lima, where an uncle very appreciated by him gave him the opportunity to join the kitchen of the hotel, El Pueblo de Santa Clara, under the command of the French chef (Franzua). It was in this kitchen where he would be imbued with the techniques of the international cuisine of the time.

Later, during his training as a chef, while studying gastronomy and working at the Brujas de Cachiche restaurant, he delved into our flavors and gastronomy, which in those years was beginning to take off with the help of the Peru Brand, and it is precisely where he participated in one of the first exhibitions of our gastronomy outside the country.

In the year 2000 he arrived in Cusco, where he took charge of several top restaurants and precursors of Peruvian fusion food for the tourist sector, with all the experience gained and the countless projects where he collaborated, he founded with his partners Jonas Cocina Fusión, the place where all his experience is reflected, presenting a menu for visitors to the city rescuing products of our locality.

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